Our beers are handcrafted from natural ingredients only:


- our base malt will be from South Africa ... we believe in supporting our excellent farmers.

- our speciality malts will be imported from the UK, where we have an agreement with one of the oldest maltings in that country.



- our predominant hop characteristic is derived from locally grown hops - again, we support local agriculture.

- our speciality hops will be sourced from the UK, Europe and the Americas, depending on the flavour characteristic of the recipe.  All our suppliers are certified, and have been in the Hops business for decades.



- our water is obviously local, from the local water authority ... and we do very little to it, apart from dechlorinate.

- we do have the technical capability to adjust our water to suit different brewing recipes.


- our yeast is a locally grown yeast strain, proven many times over to be especially effective in the wort derived from our locally grown ingredients.