BEERS in Development

At Bright Orange, we are always looking at the latest developments in Craft Brewing ... as well as the other Craft food and drink products ... with a view to developing new beers and brands for our loyal customers.

Bright Orange beers currently in development include:

COLOURBLOCK BLACK - a dark beer, something of a cross between a stout and a porter, higher in alcohol.

COLOURBLOCK GREEN - an environment-friendly beer, brewed only from organic ingredients, low in alcohol.

CITRUS MANGO Lemon-Meringue - There is genuinely a variety of variety of mango called Lemon Meringue ... it is a  unique variety has a tart, yet sweet flavor with a wonderful "lemony" aroma - hence the name.  It is originally from Burma, where it is known as Pu Pyi Klai.   Everyone who tastes this fruit loves it ... and we are absolutely sure that the beer is destined to have the same response.