Our Beers



Please note that we are not yet crafting our beers ... this page and those that follow have been published so as to share our plans with you ... and hopefully get some feedback from you on what type/style of beer/s you would like to see brewed in the future.


Our flagship brand at Bright Orange Brewing is:


and it currently comprises a portfolio of three different beers representing the colour orange and the two primary colours from which it derives, namely yellow and red.



A classic lager, brewed with Crystal Malt, to produce a deep amber (as close to orange as we could get) coloured beer - lower in alcohol, it is an easy-drinking, thirst-quenching, all-day socialising beer.


An India Pale Ale styled beer, light in colur (as close to yellow as we could get) low in alcohol, low in calories, but very high in taste and drinkability. 


Our version of an Irish Red Ale ( also known as English Keg Bitter). The beer is brewed using caramel to produce the darker colour (as close to red as we could get it), which creates a slight sweetness.  However, it is also infused with a generous helping of aromatic hops to produce a classic bitter flavour that is pleasing on the palate. The closest desription is a food term, the classic "Sweet and Sour" combination.  This beer has a slightly higher alcohol content than the other Colourblocks.

 Other COLOURBLOCKs are in development, with BLUE, GREEN and BLACK being the next three brands being brought to market - see the BEERS in Development page


Our Second Brand, specifically brewed for the colder months, is our CITRUS range.

In the shops. winter produce tends to be a little on the dull side, with the exception of glorious citrus.  To produce this range of craft beers, brewed to be invigorating during the colder months, we have sought out unusual, somewhat exotic varieties of well-known citrus - hence "Latin-Wife Orange", "Mamelon Mediterranean Sweet Lemon", and "Mexican Key-Lime".  Other CITRUS brands in development incude "Calabrian Bergamot Orange" and " "Mango Lemon-Meringue"... yes there really is a mango with this name!.