About Us ... and PAIA Information

About Us


The Bright Orange Brewing Company is a Craft Beer Brewing Company, based in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg ... and providing beer to the greater Gauteng Province, and beyond (in some cases).

In Craft Beer terms, we are currently a "Contract Craft Brewer" meaning that our beer is not brewed - yet - in our own brewery ... but for now in the Western Cape based craft brewery belonging to our parent company.

Our new brewery is currently being designed, and will be installed in new premises during 2014.  Until that time, we will remain a contract craft beer company.

The managemetn team at Bright Orange do everything else however ... from the recipe for the beer, the sourcing of any specific ingredients, the design of the packaging materials, and of course quality control.  Our actual distribution is contracted to a third-party ... one of the friends listed on this website.


PAIA Information


Bright Orange Brewing Company (Pty) Ltd is a company incorporated in South Africa.

Our registration number is: 20XXX/XX/XX

Our registered address is c/o: 1 ApoXXXX Rd, SunXXXXXXX, Gauteng

Our Auditors are: TLXXXX & Associates.

Our bankers are: FNB Private Clients.


Our Shareholding is as follows:

     XXXX Brewing Company         25%

     CXXXX MXXXXX Trust             25%

     XXXX Distribution                   25%

     MAPS XXXXX Company           25%

Our BEE direct ownership is 25%


Our Phsical Address is: XXX ABCDEFG Street, OUGIYFUFDLL, 20XX

Our email details are: info@brightorange.co.za

Our telephone is: 011 555 5555 (fictional for now, like in the American movies)